We pride ourselves in providing a reliable cargo and shipping services to Africa and any other destinations in the world. Affordable cargo and shipping services to Nigeria, Africa , Europe and Worldwide. Cargonaija.com, We surely deliver!! No doubt we are number one cargo company.


Cargonaija.com—-The most reliable cargo and shipping services in the UK.

Welcome to Cargo Naija Your Complete Logistics Solutions!

Door to door cargo to Nigeria , Ghana and other parts of Africa. As an enterprise with varied parts, we provide affordable and efficient car  and container shipping  services worldwide. Have a parcel to deliver to any worldwide destination? Trust us to deliver parcel across global continent in a timely manner.

Cargo to Africa

We are delighted to welcome you to Cargonaija.com. If you’re on the look out for a reliable door to door cargo company to send or ship your item , Cars or containers to Nigeria,  Ghana and all other part of Africa or anywhere in the world, then your search is over. We are UK’s number one cargo and shipping company, we have been in operation since 2009. Over the years our customer base has increased immensely due to our reliability. Simply put, we understand the business logistics than any other company here in the UK.

There are number of cargo  and shipping companies here in the UK  some are not as reliable as they’ve claimed to be. We at Cargonaija, we pride ourselves in giving you the best service. Your consignment get to their destination safely and most especially we  do not include  any hidden charges.

For full detail on what we charge for each destination visit our price list page here. For rate to any other destination in Africa, Asia, Europe and America please contact us or send us an email.

Many thanks for your patronage, we promise you excellent service as we’ve been doing for years.

For full pricing  information about air cargo to Ghana, other African countries , America and Europe  call us on 07939599370 or send us your message.


Attention: Live in Nigeria? We can Help you Buy Your Item and Then Cargo them to Nigeria From the UK. Click here to find out more About Our Procurement Service.

Cargonaija also provide cargo services to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Ethiopia, Gambia, South Africa, Togo, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eritrea, Swaziland , all Europe, and America from other parts of the UK.  We cover the Cities and towns below : Watford,UK Lewisham Dagenham, Thamesmead  Woolwich Peckham  Northampton   Milton Keynes    Reading Coventry Portsmouth 

Manchester    Birmingham 

Car Shipping Services to Africa, Asia, South/ North America, Australia and Europe 

We do car shipping from all over UK to  all major ports worldwide. We do Car shipping to Nigeria| Car shipping to Zimbabwe| Car Shipping to Kenya|Car shipping to Ghana|Car shipping to Cameroon|Car Shipping to Benin| Car shipping to Congo Dr| Car Shipping to South Africa| Car shipping to Lesotho| Car shipping to Gambia|Car shipping to Liberia |Car shipping to Botswana | Car shipping to Mauritius| Car shipping to Sierra Leone | Car shipping to Ivory Coast  | | Car shipping to Togo| Car shipping to Ethiopia|Car shipping to Niger| Car shipping to Zambia | Car shipping to Senegal| Car shipping to Morocco|Car shipping to Mozambique| Car shipping to Guinea| Car shipping to Burkina Faso |Car shipping Angola 

We do Car shipping to European countries;|Car shipping to Belgium|Car shipping to Bulgaria|Car shipping to Cyprus|Car shipping to France|Car shipping to Germany|Car shipping to Greece|Car shipping to Ireland|Car shipping to Italy|Car shipping to Latvia|Car shipping to Lithuania|Car shipping to Luxembourg|Car shipping to Macedonia|Car shipping to Malta|Car shipping to Moldova|Car shipping to Montenegro|Car shipping to Netherlands|Car shipping to Northern Ireland|Car shipping to Poland|Car shipping to Portugal|Car shipping to Romania|Car shipping to Sweden|Car shipping to Spain|Car shipping to Switzerland|


We do Car shipping to Asia countries; |Car shipping to Bangladesh|Car shipping to Georgia|Car shipping to India|Car shipping to Kuwait|Car shipping to Lebanon|Car shipping to Malaysia|Car shipping to Philippines|Car shipping to Pakistan|Car shipping to Palestine|Car shipping to Saudi Arabia|Car shipping to Sri Lanka|Car shipping to Turkey|Car shipping to UAE (United Arab Emirate).

We do Car shipping to North America countries; |Car shipping to Jamaica|Car shipping to Mexico|Car shipping to St Lucia|Car shipping to St Thomas|Car shipping to St Vincent|Car shipping to United States.


Our car shipping rate to Africa, Europe and America and worldwide  is very competitive.Contact us if you have car to ship to the following countries. For full information on our worldwide car shipping rate and shipping schedule, feel free to contact us.

Please customers sending goods by air freight or by sea freight are responsible for proper packaging of all the items to be sent, Cargonaija does not take responsibility for any improperly packed item/consignment.

See also Cargonaija Worldwide container shipping and Air freight to Africa   Air freight to Asia , Air freight to Australasia, Air Freight to Europe , Air Freight to North America and Air Freight to South America


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  1. Helder santo lima says:

    shipping to SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE


  2. Raymond says:

    Hi, Am looking cargo a vehicle engine from Brechley (tonbridge) to Lagos. I need to know the fastest possible duration for delivery in Nigeria and possible cost.

  3. Kings photo says:

    Pls if I want to come and pick my goods at your office in Lagos Nigeria,I want to buy photo paper 20packs of ck9046 from cbj international limited in UK how much will it cost me tks.looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible

  4. innocent says:

    Hi, I need an urgent goods from Philippines ship 🚢 to Nigeria. Can you do it?

  5. Julius Olaleye says:

    I have some items that I wanted to be delivered at Ado Ekiti, I would like to know your door to door price and to know if you pick up from home.
    I like to know how long it will take to be delivered.

  6. Adetola says:

    Please do you ship stuffs from Nigeria to Europe,France to be precise?

  7. Hidar Abdullahi says:

    Please someone wants to send me an iphone from London and i live in Niger State Nigeria, Minna Niger State to be precise, how will it get to me if it arrives? Please urgent reply. Thanks.

  8. Victor says:

    I want to bring food items from Nigeria to Austria.. how do I go about it… thank you

  9. OMONIKE says:


    i want to find out out if you do collect vitamins to send to Nigeria and we you have to come to my house to weigh? Please kindly get back to me asap.

    Thank you.

  10. Ama says:

    I have a box to send to Nigeria, from uk. Will you pick up from me and how much roughly will it cost. Tx

  11. Bea says:

    Need send goods from Austria to Ghana kumasi about 5-6 box + bike

  12. chris says:

    I want to ship via sea from SA to Nigeria. Thanks.

    I prefer emails.

  13. Ali says:

    Do you deliver to Abuja Nigeria?

  14. Toyin says:

    Do you do cargo from Ireland (Dublin) to Nigeria.
    Need reply

    • Mr Cargo says:

      Hi Toyin,
      Yes we do. Please let us know the number of boxes and the estimated weight . Don’t worry if you don’t have the weight , we can always weigh the cargo when its arrives at our warehouse. We generally charge 35 pounds to collect up to 3 boxes from Ireland and 50 pounds for 4 to 10 boxes. Our cargo price per kg is then applied please . Also we charge 20 Pounds handling fee on all our shipment. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Thanks

      • Toyin Adesina says:

        Hi , Mr Cargo

        I have the stuff packed in the luggage instead of boxes , does it mean it should be boxes ?.
        Also have some items like: Tv , small fridge and freezer etc

  15. Onyeka says:

    Please I want to sent goods from Lagos to Gambia is it possible by road and sent me your address here in Lagos and cost thank

    • Mr Cargo says:

      We can send from Lagos to Gambia please apart from our rate per kg charge on the cargo , you will be required to pay for customs clearance in Gambia. The rate payable for customs clearance on arrival of the cargo in Gambia is determined when the cargo arrived there. If you’re willing to go ahead, please speak to our Lagos team on 080257977714. Thanks

  16. Blessing says:

    Did you ship from Nigeria to Manchester?

  17. ade says:

    whats the clearing situation in nigeria?

  18. Princess says:

    Been 5 years with cargo niger never misplaying, damage or disappoint me
    Or my family for years.
    Will and have been recommending his service to all my friends
    And family

  19. Oluwole says:

    I want to know what they request for if somebody want to ship from us to Nigeria

  20. Omo aiye says:

    I would like to send parcel from lagos(Nigeria) to Birmingham (United Kingdom). How do I go about it pls?

  21. Willard Mwaputsa says:

    I want to send groundnut to Zimbabwe how much is it. 1000 kg of groundnut. From lagos Nigeria to Harare . 20 sacks by 50 kg .

  22. Tosin says:

    I just send 172kg and one TV to nigeria with them and I am really happy how everything went, fast and very efficient delivered to Ibadan. I will recommend to anyone. Thank you.

  23. Erhun Edosa says:

    I want to send a Box from Calgary, Canada to Nigeria, please is this possible like how much will it cost.

  24. goodnews Daniel says:

    I want to receive a package that was sent from UK in IMO state, how do I get it and what are the requirements

    • Mr Cargo says:

      Hi Daniel,
      To send a package from UK to Imo state, the minimum we do to this location is 20kg. The price is £4.90 per kg plus £20 handling fee.

  25. Nati says:

    Please I receiving an iPhone from USA Virgin Island What’s your address there

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