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Freight to Gambia

Cargonaija  provides cargo and freight to Gambia.  Our unrivaled freight service to Gambia from London UK to Gambia includes helping you to send your consignment to Banjul airport in Gambia. Give us a call on  07939599370   or   07947475593, or drop us email at info@cargonaija.com. If  you are  UK resident or whether you’re on holiday to the UK and you require a reliable freight company to assist you in sending your consignment to GAMBIA, we are the company you need. Our freight service to GAMBIA is cheap and convenient . The type of freight service we provide to Gambia is from your Location here in the UK to Banjul airport in GAMBIA. Contact us for a Quote if you want your consignment to be delivered to your door step in Gambia.

Banjul Airport Gambia

Banjul Airport Gambia

You can bring your item to us or we will pick up for FREE  from any location within London or anywhere in the UK. The minimum free pick up is for consignment weighing up to 50kg and above  on air cargo to Gambia. Any item weighing less than our minimum pick up requirement will have to be brought to our office or we will send our courier to pick up for you, this will incur a pick up charge. Our pick up rate is typically very low as we are striving to make all our customers happy.


Email us: info@cargonaija.com

Please beware that we provide FREE COLLECTION from anywhere within London and fuel surcharge applies if we are to pick up from any location outside of  London. Chargeable fuel surcharge  is dependent on the location you are outside of  London. Typically Cargonaija  freight collection on freight to Gambia are very affordable. All consignment is subject to £40 handling charge.

Apart from exporting goods to Gambia from the UK, Cargonaija also provide the service of shipping cars, truck and equipment to Gambia. To ship your car, we need the model and year of registration of the car. Please note that we only provide the service of car shipping to this destination via Roro method only. Customers are responsible for clearing of the car at the port of destination.  Please also note that the car to be shipped must also be in a driveable state. If the car is a non runner, such car has to be recovered and the cost of recovering the car is the responsibility of the shipper (You) . Customers are also responsible for the content of the car, we do take responsibility for what you put in the car. To ship your car to Gambia please send us an email with the requested information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Payment Terms on Shipping of Car to Gambia

We accept full payment before the car can be shipped. Full payment must be made into our bank account before we can accept to ship the car. You can bring the car to our office and then make payment at our office.

Please if you need further information on how to ship your car to the Gambia please don’t  hesitate to get in touch with us.

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