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CALL US DIRECT ON: 07939599370 or 07947475593, if you have any question in relation to cargonaija FAQ. Or if you want to cargo to Nigeria..and you need to find out more. You can also send us a message from our ” contact us” page on this website or drop us an email at : info@cargonaija.com  Thanks and God bless. Feel free to read our FAQ  below.


  How much you do charge per kilo if I want to cargo to Lagos?

To cargo to Lagos, we charge £3.50 if your item is to be delivered to door in Lagos. If you want to cargo stuff to other part of Nigeria, E.g Abuja, Ogun State, Portharcourt, Oyo state, Enugu etc, please check our price list page to know how much we charge to these places.

  I saw £3.00 on your ads why £3.50 on your website?

Good question. The £3.00  price tag is for our commercial customers, that is, those who cargo their stuff with us on a regular basis. The minimum weight required for the £3.00 price is from 1000KG  and  above. Call us if you’re not too clear on this.

How many days does it take for my item to arrive at the destination?

Cargo to Nigeria arrival days: Typically we try to deliver within 7 working days to Lagos and all other destination we deliver in 10 working days. Please bear with us.

What other fee do you charge?

We do charge £20 handling fee on all item to cargo to Nigeria. The fee covers consignment handling and other administrative expenses  including that which we pay to our consignment handlers.

I live outside of London do I pay the same rate to cargo my item to Nigeria? Off course  you will pay the same rate, however there is a fuel surcharge fee to be paid if we are to pick up at your location which is dependent on which part of the UK you are based.

Is there any other money to pay other than the £3.50/Kg and the £20  handling charge to cargo my item to say Lagos?

Absolutely nothing else to pay for your item to get delivered door to Lagos, Nigeria.

# Can I pay after my item arrived in Nigeria?

Yes you can pay after your item arrived in Nigeria. However, our policy is that you have to make payment here in the UK if  you’re sending your cargo to Nigeria with cargonaija for the first time.  Please also note that any consignment left in our Lagos office for up to one week without collection will begin to attract the sum of  N200.00 daily charge.  Failure to make payment on accumulated non- collected item will be confiscated until the bill is fully cleared.  Any consignment which is not collected over the period of 3 Month will be confiscated.  See cargonaija terms and condition for more information.


How do I proceed with my cargo booking for collection?

Getting  Cargo ready for collection.

Send the following  details to


Your name as written on your luggage .

Your telephone number

Your full address  including  the  postcode.

Receiver details:

Receiver’s name , address  if door to door delivery.

Receiver’s telephone number.








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  1. Momoh Mustapha says:

    How many days does it require to get cargo to UK from Nigeria, and what is the price per kilogram? 7

  2. jason says:

    How long would it take to do Sea frieght from London to Lagos?

  3. Abundance Umedo says:

    What is the rate of cargo to UK from Nigeria.

  4. Adebanjo Adeogba says:

    Hello, please can I order item online to be delivered directly to your UK address for onward shipment to Port Harcourt Nigeria?

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