We pride ourselves in providing a reliable cargo and shipping services to Africa and any other destinations in the world. Affordable cargo and shipping services to Nigeria, Africa , Europe and Worldwide. Cargonaija.com, We surely deliver!! No doubt we are number one cargo company.

WE CAN HELP YOU BUY YOUR ITEM HERE IN THE UK AND THEN CARGO IT TO NIGERIA FOR YOU. CALL US ON 07939599370 OR 07947475593 if you require this service. YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL US AT: info@cargonaija.com.

Cargonaija offers what we call a procurement service. What this means is that if you live outside of the UK and you will like to save  time and money on getting your item bought and delivered to Nigeria without you having to travel, or maybe  for some security reasons some stores or companies in the UK would not accept your card payment?  Do not worry we can do this for you, provided your intentions are genuine!

Our” Buy for me, deliver to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia or any part of Africa” service has now been fully rolled out. Our procurement team will help you shop for any item here in the UK. It doesn’t matter which store it is. Whether it is MARKS AND SPENCER ,TK Maxx, Primark , any store in any location.


Our Trusted and Recommended UK Stores

You want Wholesale Shoes to Sell in Africa? Visit the website

How Does this Work?

If you already know the items you want us to shop for you. Visit the company’s website. Make a selection of these items, give us a call or drop us an email and job done. Our procurement department will now visit the shop in person and purchase the item on your behalf and we will then cargo the item to you in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and Uganda, it is that simple.

We will provide you with detailed update of how your procurement is going up to the delivery stage.

Cargonaija procurement team also monitors sales or bargain trend in the UK, we will give our regular customers  free texts alerts and magazines to keep them posted.

Do you Buy Stuff For People in Nigeria(Shopping Services) and Require a Cargo Company for the Shipment?

Many people are into the business of  shopping services. If you need a cargo company to assist you or your establishment with the cargo or freighting the items you have bought for people or for companies, we will assist you. Whether it is industrial goods or a full container will fulfill the order.

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  1. Medinah says:


    My name is Medinah from Nigeria. i would like to inquire about the international shopping from the UK. Can i buy online and send directly to your office for shipment to Nigeria? What is the rate and conditions involved? please i would like a reply with the address of your delivery warehouse or office included.

    thank you.

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