We pride ourselves in providing a reliable cargo and shipping services to Africa and any other destinations in the world. Affordable cargo and shipping services to Nigeria, Africa , Europe and Worldwide. Cargonaija.com, We surely deliver!! No doubt we are number one cargo company.

Our worldwide car shipping services is very competitive. Cargonaija can help you with shipping any of the following: car, Van, Truck, 4×4 runner, Jeep, from the UK to any African country, European Union, Asian, America or across any continent in the world. In case you looking for a prudent way to send your car to Africa or anywhere worldwide, we are your best point of contact.


If you’re shipping car for the very first time, there are host of information you need to familiarize yourself with. Cars, Van, Truck etc are shipped by RORO and via Container. Generally, the the difference in both is the price and the type or value of the vehicle you’re shipping. Vehicle shipping by RORO method is the ideal shipping method for cars of lower value and Container car shipping method is the ideal method of shipping luxury cars. If you’re thinking of going into the business of car dealership back in your home country, you may want to explore the cheaper option.
Below are the information we will require from if you’re interested car shipping

1) Is the car, van, truck to be shipped to Africa has all the export document?

2) Does the car, van, truck to be shipped year of registration in line with government requirement for shipping car into that country

3) Is there Road tax on the vehicle? If no, such car will require to be towed and additional cost will be applicable.

4) Are you putting some loads onto the car, vehicle, Van, truck etc? Generally, the weight load together with the Van shouldn’t exceed 3 Tons or (300okg), so as to safe yourself from unnecessary hussle. In this case you need the cointaner car shipping method as supposed the RORO car shipping method.
Please feel free to contact us by phone, by email or completing our vehicle booking form.

Cargonaija ships cars or any vehicle to all 53 plus African Countries including European Union countries, North, South and Central America, (Asian Far East Countries) As well as Australia Oceania Continent and some other selected part of the world.
Navigate on the list below to see which country you want us to ship your car to. Our car shipping and Container service to Africa and other parts of the world are to the following countries listed below:

Nigeria(Lagos Port) Ghana(Tema Port) Algeria(Algiers Port, Oran Port) Benin(Cotonou Port) Botswana Port) (Burundi Port) Cameroun (Doula Port) Chad, Cote D ivoire(Abidjan Port) Congo(Pointe Noire) Djibouti(Djiboute Port) Egypt(Alexandria Port, Port Said) Eritrea Ethiopia(Assab Massawa Port) Gambia(Banjul Port) Gabon(Libreville,Port Gentil Port) Guinea(Conakry Port) Kenya(Mombasa Port) Lesotho Liberia(Buchanan Monrovia Port) Madagascar(Majunga Tamatave Port) Malawi Singapore
Solomon Islands
Namibia(Luderitz Port) Rwanda Sao Tomé(Sao Tome Port) Senegal(Dakar Port) Seychelles(Victoria Port) Sierra Leone(Freetown Port) South Africa (East London Port, Durban Port,Port Elizabeth) Sudan(Port Sudan) Tanzania(Dar es Salaam Port, Tanga Port, Zanzibar Port )

Togo(Lome Port) Tunisia(Souse Port, Sfax Port,Tunis-La Goulette Port) Uganda(No sea port,we ship to Mombasa Port) Zimbabwe(Bulawayo) .
Anguilla(Sandy Ground Port) Antigua(St John’s Port) Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Dominica, Falkland Islands,Fiji, Grenada, Channel Islands, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia

india, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Montserrat, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Saint Helena, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Seychelles,

Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Virgin Island.

Our Car and Container Shipping to North America covers the following countries and Cities Ports

Canada – (Toronto, Halifax, Quebec, Vancouver, Montreal, Saint John) USA – (Boston, Brownsville Tx, Baltimore, Bufallo NY, Baton rouge LA, Beaumont TX, Anchorage AK, Panama city FL, Pascagoula MS, Pensacola FL, Philidelphia PA, Port authur TX, Port Everglades FL, Portland ME, Portland OR, Toledo OH, Tampa FL, Tacoma WA, Sacramento CA, San diego CA, San francisco CA, Savannah GA, Seattle WA, Stockton CA, Galveston TX, Gulfport MS, Duluth-superior MN, Erie PA, Detroit Mi, Palm Beach FL, New York NY, New Orleans LA, Corpus Christi TX, Orange TX, Mobile AL, Chicago IL, Pensacola FL, Oakland CA, Milwaukee WI, Cleveland OH, Los Angeles CA, Lake Charles LA, Honolulu Hi, Charleston SC, Jacksonville FL, Houston TX, Canaveral FL, Long Beach CA, Hampton roads VA) MEXICO- (Veracruz, tampico, Guaymas, Tuxpan, Lazaro Cadenas, Manzanillo, Salina Cruz, Coatzacoalcos)

Our Car and Container Shipping to South America covers the following countries and Cities Ports:

Brazil- Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, Belem, Salvador, Paranagua, Fortaleza, Santos Chile- (Valparaiso, San Antonio, Punta Arenas, Talcahuano, Iquique, Antafagasta, Arica) Argentina- (Santa fe, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blancar) Colombia- (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Buenaventura) Falkland Islands/Malvinas- (Stanley) Ecuador- (Guayaquil, Esmeraldas) Venezuela- (Maracaibo, Pueto Cabello, La Guaira) Peru- (Callao, Paita, Salaverry, Matarani) Uraguay- (Montevideo) Suriname- (Paramaribo) Guyana- (Georgetown) Paraguay- (Asuncion) French Guiana- (Cayenne)
Our Car and Container Shipping to Central America covers the following countries and Cities Ports:
Antigua and Barbuda-(St John’s) Antiuila-(Sandy Ground) Haiti-(Cap Haitien, Port au Prince) Aruba- (Oranjestad) Jamaica- (Kingston) El Savador- (Acajutla) Guadeloupe- (Pointe A Pritre) Virgin Islands- (St Croix) Guatemala- (Castilla, Santo Tomas De) Turks & Caicos Islands- (Grand Turk) St Lucia- (Castries) Pueto Rico- (San Juan, Ponce) Nicaragua- (Corinto) St. Kitts and Nevis- (Basseterre) Trinida and Tobago- (Port of Spain) Panama- (Colon, Balboa, Cristobal) St. Vincent and Grenadines- (Kingstown)

Our Car and Container Shipping to Asian Continent and the Far East covers the following countries and Cities Ports
Bangladesh- Chittagong, Chalna, Brunei-Muara Port.

We also offer worldwide Air freight services to over 150 worldwide destinations. Contact us for more information if you would be needing this service.